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What should I do if I accidentally eat potassium fluoride?

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Potassium fluoride is a chemical reagent commonly used in the industry. The aqueous solution is alkaline, which can corrode glass and porcelain, and has certain toxicity. Therefore, special attention should be paid during the operation and use, but what should be done if there is a case of accidental eating or accidental collision? Let's take a look at the Xiaobian of Xinghan Chemical.

In order to avoid accidental eating as much as possible, it should not be mixed with other foods or daily necessities. It should be marked when stored to avoid causing trouble to others. If you eat potassium fluoride, you should immediately rinse your mouth with water and drink milk or egg white. Because of its toxicity, you should consult your doctor for further treatment and examination after emergency treatment.

If you accidentally inhale potassium fluoride, you should quickly leave the site to the fresh air and open areas to ensure the smoothness of the respiratory tract. If you have difficulty breathing, you need to timely oxygen. At the same time, if an apnea occurs, artificial respiration should be performed immediately and treated as a doctor. When potassium fluoride is inadvertently in contact with skin or eyes, immediately replace the clothing exposed to potassium fluoride and rinse the contaminated area thoroughly with plenty of running water or saline for at least 15 minutes, and seek medical attention.

Through the above explanations, I believe that everyone has a certain emergency handling ability when using potassium fluoride, and hopes to help everyone's operation. More content can be found in Xinxiang City Xinghan Chemical Co., Ltd. official website www.xinghanchem.cn consulting.

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