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Method for drying potassium fluoride

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Potassium fluoride is widely used not only in glass engraving, electroplating, pharmaceutical and pesticide industries, but also in the preparation of other chemical agents. It is an important inorganic compound. However, Xinxiang Xinghan Chemical Co., Ltd. wants to remind everyone that potassium fluoride is susceptible to deliquescence, so drying work has become a concern of manufacturers and users.

In the production process, most manufacturers use potassium fluoride to crystallize and then obtain dry products through drying equipment. Its drying is a step at the end of the whole production process, and it is also a particularly important process. There are also many types of equipment used to dry potassium fluoride, such as freeze drying equipment, rotary vacuum drying equipment, and spray drying equipment. At present, for enterprises with small production scale, it is usually carried out by means of induced crystallization and then by vacuum drying; for enterprises with large output, it is usually produced by spray drying equipment to obtain potassium fluoride of better quality.


In the process of spray drying of potassium fluoride, it needs to be concentrated to minimize its water content. In the process of drying, first turn on the heating device and the induced draft fan. When the wind temperature is stable at about 270 °C, start the feeding pump to evenly and slowly feed to ensure the quality of the drying. When the liquid is atomized, small droplets and heat are formed. The air is heat exchanged and dried to a powder having a smaller particle size.

Xinxiang Xinghan Chemical Co., Ltd. reminds everyone that the actual potassium fluoride of the product is usually “waterless”, but in fact it contains some water. If you want to know more about related content or have relevant purchasing needs, you can contact us directly and we will help you in time.

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