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Xinxiang Xinghan Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in April 1999. It is a cross regional comprehensive company integrating production, operation and scientific research. It has strong technical force, excellent technology, complete monitoring instruments and stable product quality.

In November 2017, Xinxiang Xinghan Chemical Co., Ltd. invested nearly 200 million yuan to establish Inner Mongolia Xinghan fluorodu Chemical Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 18 million yuan. The company was registered in bayingao Industrial Park, Alashan high tech Development Zone, Alxa League, Inner Mongolia, and was put into production in September 2019. The company produced 40000 tons / year of highly active anhydrous potassium fluoride, 50000 tons / year of hydrofluoric acid and silicate series.

The construction of the project will play a positive role in further strengthening the local scientific and technological innovation and constantly adjusting and optimizing the industrial structure. It will vigorously develop high-tech industries with low consumption, low emission and high efficiency, and transform the traditional pillar industries, Enhance the core competitiveness of key industries, promote energy conservation and emission reduction and environmental protection, and play a positive role in the local economic and social development and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

In line with the team spirit of "realistic, efficient and innovative", the company participates in the fierce market competition and wins the trust and support of customers with first-class product quality, preferential product price and satisfactory after-sales service. The enterprise is willing to work with the wise men and colleagues from all walks of life to develop together and create brilliance together.

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