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Do you know about anhydrous potassium fluoride?

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For newcomers who are not engaged in or just stepping into the chemical industry, there is relatively little understanding of anhydrous potassium fluoride. So what kind of use and performance does it have? In order to facilitate everyone's understanding, the following small series of Xinghan Chemical will give a brief introduction.

When we know potassium fluoride, the first thing we want to know is its use. It is different from general household goods. Generally, chemical products are a special item, such as potassium fluoride. It will be used in glass engraving and plating. Although these projects are not often in contact on weekdays, the scope of the finished product is quite extensive and can be seen in preservatives and insecticides for everyday foods.

      In addition, industrial anhydrous potassium fluoride is also used in the welding cosolvent, and some are used as reactants for fluorinating agents, catalysts, absorbents, etc. of some organic compounds or in the production of fluorine-containing salt. It is also one of the raw materials for the manufacture of potassium hydrogen fluoride.

In addition, for anhydrous potassium fluoride, it also has its own specific chemical properties, such as its solubility. Anhydrous potassium fluoride can be dissolved in water, hydrofluoric acid, liquid ammonia, etc., but is insoluble in alcohol alone. From the appearance point of view, it is colorless cubic crystal, easy to deliquesce, so should pay special attention to transportation, packaging and storage work.

If you have more questions about anhydrous potassium fluoride or have related purchasing needs, please contact the staff of Xinxiang Xinghan Chemical Co., Ltd., we will promptly answer your questions.

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