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What is the problem of potassium fluoride dissolved in water?

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It is believed that operators who often use chemical raw materials such as potassium fluoride know that potassium fluoride is easily deliquescent and can be dissolved in water. However, in the process of using or preparing a solution, sometimes it is impossible to dissolve or dissolve incompletely after adding water. Appears, this will affect the overall work progress. The following small series of Xinghan Chemical will give you a simple explanation.

When potassium fluoride is not completely dissolved, it not only causes a decrease in its original performance, but also affects the quality of the finished product during the reaction or use, so it is important to ensure the normal reaction of the raw material.

On the one hand, if potassium fluoride is stored for a long time and stored improperly, it may cause deterioration of the material, thereby changing their structure and insoluble in the aqueous solution. Secondly, if the raw material content is impure, and a large amount of insoluble or reactive impurities are contained therein, precipitated particles will also appear when the dissolution is carried out. In addition, if a potassium fluoride solution is disposed, a large amount of chemical raw material is added after reaching a saturation value, and it will not dissolve and form a precipitate. If this problem occurs when the water temperature is too low, we can heat it appropriately to see if it dissolves.

The above is the analysis of the abnormal phenomenon of potassium fluoride insoluble in water by Xinxiang Xinghan Chemical Co., Ltd., and I hope to help everyone. Keep an eye on us for more information!

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