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Introduction to the preparation method of potassium fluoride

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Potassium fluoride is a widely used fluorinating agent and is also a particularly popular metal fluoride salt. It can be said that without the product of potassium fluoride, there is no fluorination industry that is now booming in China. Potassium fluoride is currently widely used in the production of food preservation, glass engraving, absorbents, insecticides, catalysts, and fluoride-containing salts.

As for the preparation method of potassium fluoride, the commonly used potassium fluoride production method in China is obtained by neutralizing reaction with hydrofluoric acid and potassium hydroxide, and is prepared into fluorine after concentrated crystallization, suction filtration and drying. The grain of potassium. It can then be packaged for sale. However, the mixture of potassium chloride and potassium fluoride, which is produced in the organic synthesis fluorinating agent, is generally used to dissolve it in water and then discharged into the sewage treatment system, but this is limited. In terms of fluorine resources, it is not a small waste, and it is more or less polluted to the environment.

Therefore, the preparation method of potassium fluoride needs further improvement and development, so that resources can be saved in the process of producing potassium fluoride, and the cost can be lower, thereby making the industry more competitive. Xinghan Chemical currently specializes in the production of wholesale potassium fluoride products, with rich experience and larger scale. Users who are in need are welcome to consult.

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